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We speak Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento.

Unit of currency
The unit of currency on Curaçao is Netherlands Antilles Florin (naf). The rate of exchanged is pegged against the US dollar. There are many places where you can use your debit card to get money. Credit cards are also widely accepted.

You will find plenty of supermarkets on Curaçao and there is even an A.H. supermarket. There is the large Centrum supermarket just 15 minutes from the villa.

The tap water is of excellent quality and perfect for drinking, soft and chlorine-free.

The voltage on Curaçao is 127 volts, 50 Hertz. All the connections in the villa are 220 Volt.

The average air temperature is 28° Celsius. The average water temperature is 27° Celsius. There is always the cooling wind, the north-east trade wind.

There are lots of good restaurants located across the entire island offering great diversity.


A delightfully sunny climate, the azure blue sea and pearly-white beaches. Who doesn't dream of that?

Curaçao has it all, a piece of the Netherlands in the tropics, a welcoming island where it's always summer. Curaçao is the largest island of the Dutch Antilles. The official language is Dutch.

Because of its location ? downwind, 60 km from the coast of South America ? the island does not suffer from hurricanes. The average air temperature is 28 degrees Celsius and the de temperature of the sea is 27 degrees Celsius. It's the perfect climate for holidays or to pass the winter. Curaçao is easily reached from Schiphol. There are daily flights from Schiphol to Curaçao. It's a 9-hour flight to the national airport of Hato.

Curaçao has much more to offer

The various different cultures are reflected in the extraordinary architecture (the former plantation owners' country houses). Many of these houses have been beautifully renovated and are more than worth a visit.

The capital Willemstad has many historical buildings and there is good reason it has been added to the Unesco list of world heritage sites. Willemstad is great for shopping and there are lots of good and charming restaurants where after a day of new impressions you can treat yourself with a variety of delicious food and drinks. Willemstad harbour is a regular port of call for cruise ships. It's a sight worth seeing from a terrace on the Handelskade.

As well as the friendly bustle of Willemstad, Curaçao has an unspoilt hinterland. Nature lovers will love the exceptional fauna and flora. And if you love diving, the magnificent coral reefs off the coast form a true paradise. Even with a snorkel and mask, the sea is worth a dip. A whole new world will be opened up to you.

Curaçao has all the ingredients to make your stay truly wonderful: sports facilities, sun, beach, a friendly welcome, space and peace, good supermarkets and a good health care. It's all there.